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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

TTM Success: Stephane Richer

  I remember when Stephane Richer became a household name in the late 80s.  He had two 50 goal years with the Montreal Canadiens in the late 80s.  His is one of only 2 players to have 2 or more 50 goal seasons with the Canadiens.  He never came close to 50 goals again.  He led the New Jersey Devils in scoring in the 1995 Playoffs while wining his second career Stanley Cup.
  I sent the letter out on October 5th and received it on November 16th.  I sent Mr. Richer two copies of the picture and offered the extra to him.  He signed and returned both.  He signed even farther outside the auto box on the other copy.

Stephane Richer TTM

 I haven't updated a lot of late.  I had to juggle shifts last week, and this upcoming week, so I could escape to Edmonton for the weekend.  You know you are in tough when Edmonton in late November is considered an escape.  I picked up some cards I want to blog about and found a few TTMs in my mailbox when I returned home today.  So if I can find the time and the gumption, I should have several posts this week.

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  1. Always recall Richer being the last Habs forward to net multiple 50 goal seasons!