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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

TTM: Pierre Larouche

Pierre Larouche was the first NHL player to score 50 goals with two different teams.  He scored 53 in 1975-76 with the Pittsburgh Penguins and 50 with the 1979-80 Montreal Canadiens.  Larouche won two Stanley Cups with the Montreal Canadiens.  In 1983-84, Larouche scored 48 goals for the New York Rangers, two shy of becoming the only NHLer to score 50 goals with 3 or more teams.  In QMJHL, he scored 251 points in one season, a total only bested by Mario Lemieux's 282.  Back injuries shorted Larouche's career, as he retired at the age of 32.  Pierre signed 3 of 3, c/o home.  
He added his jersey number to the Rangers and Penguins card, but did not on the Canadiens card.  After searching the internet, it seems Mr. Larouche will always add his number to Penguins and Rangers cards but never to Canadiens or Whalers cards.


  1. cool success! Is he still at 112 Vanderbilt Drive?

    1. I am on holidays and don't have access to my home computer and my ttm spreadsheet, but I do believe that was the address I sent it to.