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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Photoshop: Vintage Goalie Masks

  I have been playing around in Photoshop with the filter.  The majority of it, I'd deem uninspiring.  Although I really like the two pictures below.   Doug Favell's sunburst mask, and Jacques Plante as a Toronto Maple Leaf.

Doug Favell
Jacques Plante
   While Jacques Plante is famous for being the first goalie to regularly wear a mask in the NHL, Doug Favell is actually the first ever NHL goalie to play with a painted mask.  On October 31st, 1971, Doug Favell was a victim of a prank by Philadelphia Flyers trainer, Frank Lewis.  Frank painted Favell's mask all orange.  Favell played that night and became the first goalie to played with a painted mask.  The trend caught on and it helped spur on some of the great masks ever since.

  But the story doesn't end there.  After receiving a new mask, Doug Favell was approached by the HHOF for the mask.  Favell gave the HHOF the mask and it was on display for years, before it was realized that the mask on display was a fake.  Through an extensive search, the real mask was found in the storage rooms of the HHOF, mysterious repainted.  The story does have a happy ending as Favell was able to get his original Mask back, since technically he never "donated" the mask, and has had it restored.  For more details on the story, check out this website

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  1. Favell's painted mask was actually first used on the night of October 29th, 1970 for a game against the Los Angeles Kings at the Spectrum. It has been erroneously reported as Halloween night in 1971 for years, including by Doug Favell himself. Favell's memory is 100% on the game itself - a 3-1 Flyers victory but a year off on when it happened.