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Monday, May 13, 2013

Mystery Pack, Mystery HHOFer?

  I had a great time at the Toronto Sportrscard Expo and I use that for material for future posts.  Another thing I try to do on my holidays is to hit the Dollar Stores and grab some mixed packs.  I usually stay strong and keep my spending restricted to the $1 mixed packs but every now and then I double down and get the $2 Surprise Box.

  The Surprise Box usually has 3-4 smaller packs of 4-5 cards, and sometimes a sealed pack of cards or supplies.  In this particular pack, it included a mixed pack that claimed  "1 Guaranteed Hall of Famer".  Perhaps you can check out the cards and help me find the Hall of Famer.

    Out of these five players, none are currently in the HHOF.  So who does Prestige consider a guaranteed HHOFer?  First off, we can eliminate Wayne Presley and Anatoli Semenov.  Presley, a one time 30 goal scorer, spent the majority of his career on the checking line and never won any awards.  Semenov didn't come to the NHL until he was 28 and proceeded to play for six teams in seven years.  Jonathan Quick has had a great start to his career, with a Stanley Cup and Conn Smythe, but it is way too early to even think about Quick in the HHOF, let alone issue a guarantee.  Quick still needs several great years to get into the HHOF talk.  Remember how hot J.S. Giguere was at one time?
  Pat Verbeek scored 522 goals, good for 34th all-time.  Verbeek retired in 2002 and has yet to be elected to the HHOF.  Verbeek was never a dominant player during his era and accumulated his career totals while playing 1424 games over 20 seasons.
  That leaves Curtis Joseph.  Joseph retired in 2009 but was passed over in his first year of eligibility for the HHOF in 2012.  While Joseph has some impressive career numbers, including 454 career wins, he has never been truly great.  Joseph has never won any major individual honours nor has he won a Stanley Cup.  A win the 1996 World Cup could have helped his cause, but instead Joseph, and Team Canada, lost their last two games in huge upset by team USA in the final.  I never thought of Joseph as an elite goalie.  Unless there really is a "Toronto Bias", then I can't see Joseph being called to the Hall.
  What do you think?  Was there a guaranteed HHOFer in that pack?


  1. The only thing I can think of, is that since the Gretzky name is on the CuJo card, they may have counted that.

    1. The Joseph card is actually a checklist, so perhaps they are including any players named on the back.