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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

TTM: Brian Elliott

  Brian Elliott had a horrible finish to the 2010-11 season.  He finished the season with a 3.34 GAA and .893 save percentage.  His season was tainted even more, after finishing the season 2-8-1 with a 3.83 with the Colorado Avalanche, after a late season trade from Ottawa.  Not a good way to sell yourself while heading into free agency.  In the off season, Eliiot signed a two-way contract with the St. Louis Blues, expecting to battle with Ben Bishop for the back-up role behind Jaroslav Halak.  Elliott has responded by setting a NHL single season record for save percentage, .940, and post-WWII record of a 1.56 GAA.
  Even with the amazing season Elliott has had, his name is not being mention in the Vezina Trophy talks.  Many people point out that he only played 38 games.  What do you think?  Is Brian Elliott Vezina worthy?  I think he deserves to atleast be Vezina Finalist.


  1. if you include Elliott, you have to include Halak. So then two of Lundqvist, Quick, Smith, and Howard have to be eliminated. Which two?
    Vezina talks should include #1 goalies. Neither Elliott or Halak played enough to qualify.

    They had great years, and the Jennings Trophy reflects that.

  2. Me being a goalie I think the Vezina is hands down going to Pekka Rinne with 43 wins. But it won't be easy with Quick's 10 shutouts and 1.95 Goals against in 2nd place and Brian Elliot topping both the save percent and Goals against average. Plus Henrik Lundqvist having a great season being either 2nd or 3rd in all the goalie categories. Mike Smith is also 4th in most categories except Goals Against

    Overall it shows that the Western Conference has great goaltending and that will show in the playoffs with a showdown of great goaltenders and the team with OK goalies is Chicago with 0 shutouts.

  3. I don't think you have to include Halak if you include Elliot. Elliot has better numbers.
    I wouldn't put Howard in the Vezina running. It'd be close but I think I'd drop Rinne out of the top three and go with Lundqvist, Smith and Elliot.