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Monday, April 16, 2012

TTM: Jonas Gustavsson

  Jonas Gustavsson came to the Leafs admist much fanfare.  Nicknamed "The Monster", Leafs fans were expecting monster seasons from Gustavsson and a return to glory for the once proud franchise.  Three years later, the paper bags remain firmly entrenched on Leafs fans heads, as the Leafs have yet to make a return to the playoffs.  Gustavsson has shown sparks of brilliance, but he has yet to put together a monster season.  His days as a Leaf may be over as Gustavsson is an Unrestricted Free Agent this offseason.  Mr. Gustavsson signed 3 of 3 and also returned the extra copy of the picture signed.


  1. You have the Panini All Goalie set and yet I don't see some of the goalies that get returned with their all goalie cards, or was this sent before you got the set? I have to try and get him next year on his All Goalie card.

    1. I got the All Goalie set sometime in Jan or Feb. This request was sent end of November.

  2. Hey there. New to the blog. I also don't collect hockey. I was just curious... is that Gustavsson a custom by any chance?

  3. Nice return! Bravo on the custom.

  4. The larger picture is a 3.5x5 photo. I nab some pics off the web and make a design in photoshop. It's printed on inkjet paper. I eventually switched over to 3.5x6, since it looks better in the album and it'll still fit a small envelope. I always send two and offer the extra to the player. Sometimes they keep it and sometimes they sign it and send both back. I'd rather have them keep it. It's cool to think something you did has been added to a player's collection. The greatest would be watching interview and seeing one of the customs in the background in a player's locker.