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Sunday, October 28, 2012

TTM Success: Brad Fast

  Back in July, I did a post on Brad Fast and it included a Question and Answer with Mr. Fast.  To Summarize, Brad Fast is one of three NHL players who have scored one career goal in one career game.  His goal was also the last ever game-tying goal in the history of the NHL.  Last month, I finally got the cards and stamps together to send him a TTM request.  Perhaps even better than the autographs, which look mighty sharp, is the note he included.  It's strange.  I believe he did me the big favour by answering the questions.  His note almost makes it seem like I did him the favour by asking the questions.  It's great with a win-win occurs.  I am really happy that Mr. Fast enjoyed it.  I love doing TTM since it brings me closer to the game and players.  Thank you, Mr. Fast.

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