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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

TTM Success: Mario Gosselin

    Mario Gosselin played in 241 NHL games and is best remembered for playing goal for the Nordiques in the mid 1980s.  Gosselin helped the Nordiques get to the Wales Conference finals in 1985 after beating Quebec's hated rivals, the Montreal Canadiens, in game seven overtime of the Adams division finals.  Wales Conference?  Adams Division?  Quebec Nordiques?  A 3.34 GAA being good enough for top ten?  Tied for 9th in the league leaders with one shutout?  Yes, the glory years of hockey.  When teams actually loathed each other and tried to win by outscoring their opponent, not out defending.  Gosselin finished up his career with stops in Los Angeles and Hartford.  He retired after suffering a career-ending knee injury in 1993.  Gosselin seemed to have bad luck with the OPC photogrpahers in the 80s.  Every single card from 85-86 to 89-90 shows Gosselin in the dreaded goalie without a helmet/mask shot.  Finally Upper Deck gave Gosselin some hockey card love by snapping the sweet shot above to include in the 1990-91 set.  Gosselin currently runs a goalie school in St-Basile Le Grand, Quebec.  The Game Seven Foes auto below is my first dual TTM and custom.