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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Forgotten: Doug Dadswell

  Doug Dadswell played two years for the Calgary Flames, finishing with a 8-8-3 record and a 4.41 GAA.  Dadswell was the back-up to Mike Vernon in 1987-88 when the Flames made the move to trade for a more experienced back-up.  A trade that would send Brett Hull to the St. Louis Blues and bring Rick Wamsley to the Flames.  The Flames would win a Stanley Cup the following season, Brett Hull would go on to become the 3rd highest goal scorer of all-time and Doug Dadswell was out of the NHL by the end of the year.
There are not many Doug Dadswell pictures on the internet, so the card's quality is of lower quality than usual.  Doug Dadswell never had a NHL card... until now.
If anyone knows of any high quality pics of Dadswell, could you please point the way.  Thank you.
Doug Dadswell Rookie

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