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Saturday, February 25, 2012


  I have being doing a bit of housekeeping of late.  I have changed the labels on the posts to make them more user friendly.  Instead using player names, I have switched the labels to teams.  I have also included labels such as Goalie, Custom, or Break (for packs and box breaks).   I hope this will make the site easier and more enjoyable to view.  If you have any other suggestions, please post them below.
  The 88-89 OPC Tibute Project is finally nearing the end; only 5 cards remain to complete the base set.  I remember when I first started I was on pace to finish before November.  The pace eventually slowed down and has turned into a weekly entry.  I am also going to do some In Action cards before posting what I believe will be the highlight of the entire project.  I will need to brush up on some HTML skills before the coup de gras.  To see the current progress, there is a link on the right side under Projects that will take you to the checklist, with pictures.
  I've had 50 TTM returns and I am approaching my 100th send out.  After several attempts, I finally got a supply of American Stamps, thanks to Sal at Sal's Hockey Autographs.  Returns have been slow this month with only two in the past three weeks but I have been averaging a TTM sent every two days.  Under Projects on the right side, there is a link to my TTMs showing Succeses, Failures and Pending.
  I also have a few eBay items on the way, fanpack returns and a few more boxes to break and post.  So follow me, bookmark me, or add the Cardboard and Me to your blog listing.  There is more to come.

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