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Friday, February 10, 2012

That's a lot of Bull!

I like checking the clearance pages when I shop D&A. and I don't exclusively buy hockey cards.  At the very bottom, there were boxes of cards from the Professional Bull Riders.  I have been to a PBR event before and it part rock show, part rodeo, but very entertaining.  I wouldn't hesitate to go again.  So for under $10, before shipping, I added it to the cart.  

When it arrived, the box, it was shrink wrapped but had a shelf label stuck to the box.  24 packs and 5 cards per pack.  $1.99 per pack.  Do Not Sell As Full Box.  It was a retail box and I must assume it is a repack and not factory sealed.  I don't remember the item details and the item is no longer listed on D&A.

The set is 100 cards and is basically made up for 5 subsets; Riders, Bulls, Luck of the Draw, Bullfighters and The Short Go.  I got 92 cards for the set and 21 doubles, for a 81% unique ration among the base cards, which I consider to be pretty poor.  Within the subsets, it becomes hard to tell the cards apart since the photography composition is so similar.  I also wish they had more action shots of the riders getting bucked.  A subset called Airtime would have been cool.  The highlight of the base cards is reading the bulls names.  Names that strike fear into cowboy's hearts everywhere.  Names such as Booger Butt and Little Yellow Jacket.  The Bulls even have thier career stats on the back.  Booger Butt has been successfully ridden 35.9 percent of the time.

  There are two insert sets; Spur Crazy and Belt Buckle.  In a 24 pack box, the odds are I'll get 4 Spur Crazy and 2 Belt Buckles.  I got 5 Spur Crazy and no Belt Buckles.  Spur Crazy looks like the Luck of the Draw cards except shiner and with a cropped shot of the rider.

  Surprisingly, I got a hit in the box.  Signatures drop a 1 for every 2 boxes.  I got a signature of JB Mauney. It appears I got a decent card.  From what I read JB is still fairly young and seems to be always knocking on the door to win his first championship.  Not sure of the value but other 8 Second Signature cards are going from $2-$7 on eBay.

This has to hurt....

Overall I was happy with this box.  It was cheap and a bit of a novelty.  I like watching the PBR but I don't schedule time for it.  I do wish I could have got the complete set.  I still need cards #3, 12, 22, 29, 33 41, 50 and 78.  

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