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Sunday, March 11, 2012

TTM : Howie Meeker

  Howie Meeker is a legend of hockey.  Meeker won four Stanley Cups, and a Calder Trophy, in 8 years with the Toronto Maple Leafs, before being forced to retire due to a back injury.  His contributions to the game of hockey are much greater than his NHL playing career.  He revolutionized the role of the color commentator by providing more in-depth analysis and the use of the telestrator.   Meeker also gained popularity by providing honest commentary and calling it how he saw it.  Meeker has been very opinionated about the (lack of) hockey skills being taught to kids and hosted his own segment on Hockey Night in Canada called  Howie Meeker's Hockey School during the mid-1970s.  Howie was inducted to the HHOF in 1998.
  Mr Meeker signed my card and added two pictures.  On the Parkhurst card, Howie first signed in black but then started going over it in blue.  A great return from a true legend of hockey.

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