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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

TTM: Marc Tardif

Marc Tardif split his career between the WHA and the NHL.  While Tardif won two Stanley Cups as a member of the Montreal Canadiens, he had his best seasons with the Quebec Nordiques in the WHA. Tardif twice won the Scoring title and the MVP of the WHA.  He is also the leader in career goals and second in career points for the WHA.  Tardif's number 8 was retired by the Quebec Nordiques.  When the franchise moved to Colorado, his number 8 was un-retired.  Tardif signed two of two c/o his car dealership.


Tardif was the victim in one of the first incidents of on-ice violence that led to a police investigation and a guilty verdict or plea.  In a 1976 WHA play-off game between the Quebec Nordiques and the Calgary Cowboys, Tardif was hit by Rick Jodzio.  Tardif, who didn't wear a helmet before the incident, was knocked unconscious when his head hit the ice.  Jodzio jumped on Tardif and started punching him.  There is still much debate over the particulars of the incident.  Various reports of the incident include Jodzio throwing a clean hit; Jodzio viciously high-sticking Tardif, and the Jodzio taking a run that has ranged from 30 feet to 100 feet, depending on the source, to attack Tardif.  Jodzio claims it was a shoulder hit and he stopped punching Tardif as soon as he realized Tardif wasn't moving and then covered Tardif to protect him from the ensuing brawl; a brawl that supposedly went on until the local police took the ice.  Jodzio pled guilty to assault, in order to avoid a trail with a greater charge.  Tardif later sued Lodzio for pain and suffering caused by the injuries.  The resulting injuries caused Tardif to miss out on the 1976 Canada Cup.  The is no video evidence of the incident, but there is some of the brawl.

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