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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

TTM: Scott Hartnell

  I am a big fan of Scott Hartnell.  He is a player who you either love or hate.  He gets under the opponent's skin but then backs it up, either with his fists or by putting the puck in the net, and sometimes both on the same play.  He has set career highs in goals and points this season while also making his first All-Star game appearance. Hartnell is active with social media with twitter, his own website for his Hartnell Down foundation, and being part of the NHLPA playbook program.
I sent Mr. Hartnell a card and 2 copies of a picture, with one being offered for him to keep.  He kept the card, a 2001-02 Pacific Titanium, but returned both copies of the picture signed.  


  1. How do you make custom cards

  2. My customs are 3.5"x6" photos. I make them that size so thay can fit into a small enevelope. I use photoshop and either learn through youtube or playing around.

  3. So they look like a card but it is a photo

  4. The autographs on the 88-89 Tributes are also printed off on either 4x6 or 3.5x6 printer paper. So even though those have the actual card design, it's still just a photograph I edited in photoshop and printed at home.