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Sunday, March 18, 2012

TTM: Mike Gartner

  Mike Gartner scored 30 goals or more in a record 15 consecutive seasons.  Gartner is one of 6 players to score over 700 goals in a career.  He finished his career with 708 goals and 1335 points, which helped him earned membership into the HHOF in 2001.  Gartner was never able to find post-season success.  The closest he got was 1994 with the Toronto Maple Leafs.  The Leafs lost in the Stanley Cup semi-final.  Gartner was a trade deadline acquisition from the eventual Stanley Cup Champions, the New York Rangers.  Mike Gartner holds the record for most career games played, 1432, without ever playing in the Stanley Cup Finals.  Today, Gartner is an active volunteer and owns a few hockey rinks in the Toronto area.
Mr. Gartner signed 3 of 3 c/o National Training Rinks in 37 days.  Thank you Mr. Gartner.

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