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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Lost Rookies: 1980-81 OPC Brent Ashton

  Brent Ashton is best known as, previously, being the most traded man in NHL History.  He was traded a total of nine times during his NHL career.  A career that started with the Vancouver Canucks in 1979.  Ashton scored 23 goals and 48 points in 123 games for the Canucks, before being traded to the Colorado Rockies, via the Winnipeg Jets, in the 1982 offseason.  Ashton did not earn a rookie card until the 1982-83 OPC set, after leading the Rockies in points.  Below is how a 1980-81 OPC Brent Ashton rookie card may have looked.

1980-81 OPC #397 Brent Aston (RC)

  Trivia:  Three of the players Ashton was traded for during his career, were 40 goal scorers.

1980-81 OPC #397 Brent Ashton (RC)

  Brent played a single season with the Colorado Rockies before the team moved to New Jersey.  OPC was pro-active for the 1982-83 set and had the team pictured in their new New Jersey Devils jerseys.  As opposed to a logoless team set like the Calgary/Atlanta Flames in the 1980-81 set.  While Ashton rocked a classic 80s mullet in his 82-83 card, I believe it's fitting to throw in an 82-83 Colorado Rockies Ashton card for the all the Colorado Rockies fans out there.

1982-83 OPC Brent Ashton