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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

TTM: Mario Brunetta

   I am sure my regular readers, if there are any, noticed I missed a few regular Thursday updates of the Lost Cards.  I am back to a similar situation I was in early in the year.  I still don't have a permanent home to call my own.  I do have my computer but there is not enough space for it.  So while I can venture behind and under the desk to switch a half dozen plugs around, I just haven't had the spark to do so.  I guess 2020 is finally getting to me.  

  In the meantime, I did send out a few TTMs and this will give me a chance to revive a long lost feature on the blog, showcasing my returns.  I sent out 4 cards to Mario Brunetta and received all 4 back in 10 days.  I sent an extra copy of the 88-89 OPC, complete with back, offered up for Mario to keep, but he sent it back signed as well.  On one hand, it's nice to have an extra, but on the other hand, I actually prefer when the player keeps the extra custom card.  Considering Mario never had a OPC card I figured for sure he would have kept one.  Granted I really have no idea how many TTM requests he gets and how many custom cards gets sent to him.  It's possible he already had a few copies from other senders.  Regardless, it was great to get these back.  I will have to get my computer hooked up one day soon, make a few more customs and also print off a few more for TTMs.