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Monday, September 24, 2012

TTM: Colin Greening

  This return marks the end of the longest TTM drought since I first started to regularly get TTM returns.  It had been 17 days since I last had a success.  I have slowed down a bit in sending them out.  One good sign is that this was a TTM I sent out at the end of the last year's regular season.  Hopefully I'll get a few more that was sent out around that time.  Colin Greening was a 25 year old rookie last season.  Drafted in the 7th round of 2005, Greening would play 4 years at Cornell in the NCAA before making his professional debut in the AHL in 2010-11.  He would finish that season in Ottawa and then played all 82 with the Senators in 2011-12.  Greening would score 37 points and get a Gordie Howe Hat Trick in his rookie season.  Also of note, Greening is a Newfie. Greening has already cracked the top ten in the NHL's all-time top scoring Newfoundlanders.  Greening returned both copies of the picture.  He originally signed the pictures in pen and then resigned them in marker. 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Nuge: Remembering the 80s.

  If you have been following, or clicking around my blog, you have probably came across this card.

   Well today, you get to see how Nugent-Hopkins rookies could have looked from 1979/80 to 1987/88.

  The 83-84 was the most time consuming.  So many changes in angles and thickness in lines.  The 82-83 OPC was bay far the easiest. 

  Have a player you want to be OPC'd - retro style?  Comment with the player and the year, from 79-80 to 88-89.  I will try to do at least 5 of them and post them up in a later post.  Nobody obscure unless you provide the picture.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Punk Junk: One Card Challenge

  Punk Junk is running a contest called the one card challenge.  It's basically a contest in which contestants help other contestants in finishing sets, in which they are only one card away from completion. There are some sweet prizes to be won, including a 1986-87 Red Rooster Edmonton Oilers team set.  The Red Rooster sets bring back a lot of memories for me.  They were some of the first hockey collectibles I ever owned, and then played with, drew on, chewed on, threw against a wall, etc...

  I haven't been able to help anyone out yet myself, but Sal from Punk Junk was able to help me out with one card I needed for one of my sets.  2010-11 SPA is now in the books.
  So check out the contest, browse some old posts and consider it time well spent.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Group Break: My First Ever

  I have always been curious about group breaks.  The high end boxes are a high-risk, high reward proposition, so group breaks give collectors a chance to be involved in a high-end break without breaking the bank.  You pay the fee, and hope you get a good team for the break.  It's like watching the lottery live and praying for the instant win.  I had been eyeing them for awhile over at Clouts and Chara.  Eventually I took the plunge and got the Blues... literally.

  The break was a  23 box "Monster Break". The boxes are listed below.  So I took the plunge with both feet and sent over $140 to be part of the event.  It took a while to fill the group break and I was actually having supper when they created the random draft order.  I came back just in time for the picks to start.  So you can imagine my anticipation as the announced the current pick and next pick.  I had no idea where I was.  Of course I wanted top 5 but I would been happy with getting a chance to pick the Islanders.  But the top five past without my name.  Then the Islanders got drafted and then we went past the top 20 without my name being called.  Finally at pick #25, my name was called.  I had my choice of either the Blues or any team in the Southeast division.  As mentioned above, I got the Blues, both as my team and for my emotion.  My first group break ever and even before it started I lost interest.  Sure, I really like David Backes and the Blues have a great goalie tandem, but there is no Wow factor with the Blues.  There aren't even any great legends with the Blues.  Any HHOF who played with the Blues made the HHOF based on thier play with out teams.  Such as Gilmour, Plante, Hall, or Fuhr.  Can anyone name a top rookie from the Blues in the past two years, other than Cade Fairchild?  Huh, who?  Any ways, let's see what boxes will be broke and my bounty.

10-11 UD The Cup
11-12 Panini Prime x 8 (Sealed Case)
11-12 UD SP Authentic
11-12 Panini Titanium
11-12 Panini Limited
11-12 UD SPX
11-12 ITG Canada Vs The World
11-12 UD Series 2 Tin
11-12 ITG Between The Pipes
11-12 Panini Donruss Elite
11-12 ITG Enforcers
10-11 UD Artifacts
10-11 ITG Decades
10-11 Panini Luxury Suite
05-06 UD Series 2 Hobby
05-06 ITG Heroes Update

  The boxes above were broke in reverse order of the listing.  So it it took about 8 boxes before my first hit.  

Jake "22" Allen is a solid young prospect who moved up the depth chart after the trade of Ben Bishop.  I could have bought this on eBay for $6.57 including s/h.

  I didn't even see this one get pulled.  The only base we got was if it was high end.  Jaroslav Halak card #82, #/249.  The Prime base cards are really thick.  This card goes for $4-5 shipped on eBay.

  I finally got something to be excited about.  Brian Eliott and Jaroslab Halak patch card #/25.  I can count 5 colours in those patches.  Definitely a card to get excited about.  Too bad it won't get me even remotely close to breaking even on the break.  Past five auctions have ended between $20 and $26 including shipping. 

  At this point there is about 4 boxes of Prime left and a tin of the Cup.  The Blues threw up a shutout in the remaining boxes.  So in the end I paid about $140 for what I could have bought on eBay for under $40.  I don't even think that was the worst of it.  The worst was that I lost interest.  There was no big rookie or star I was hoping get pulled for me.  It was several boxes between hits and it was the freaking Blues.  So not only did I not get my value in cards, but I didn't get the excitement value either. 

  Will I ever do it again?  Probably.  The break was well run.  And what are the chances of me getting a bottom 6 pick again?  When will I ever learn?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

88-89 OPC Tribute: Packs now Available

  1988-89 OPC Tribute set is finally available in packs.  5 cards per pack.  Collect the 132 card set, featuring 90 of today's brightest stars, 30 legends of the game and 12 of 2011-12's hottest rookies.  Each pack will contain either one Legend, one Rookie or one insert.  Search for In Action inserts and autographs!  Click on the pack to start ripping virtual wax. 

   *Click here for a picture checklist of the base set
   *Click here for a text checklist of the base set
   *In Action photo galley 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Anniversary Contest

  Welcome to the Cardboard and Me's first anniversary reader appreciation contest.  When I mail off a custom pic or card, I send two copies, in case the player would like to keep a copy.  Sometimes they keep a copy, but sometimes they send both back.  When they send both back, usually both are signed.  Below I have a list of my duplicate customs that have been autographed.  They are the prizes.
   The contest will start as of this post and will close on September 30th at 11:59pm mountain time.  I will put all the entries in the randomizer and post the winners shortly after.  The top 5 individuals will get a chance to take part in a draft for the customs, getting one pick each. Maximum one prize per individual, regardless of eligible entries.  Specific details will be available when the winners are picked. 

  Step 1 - Comment on this post saying you are entering the contest.  Anonymous entries will not be counted. 

  Step 2 - Place a comment on any TTM, Custom, or 88-89 OPC tagged post that is dated before Sept 12th.  The comment must be relevant to that post.

  You will receive one entry for doing the two steps above.  

Bonus Entries
  -One bonus entry for each person who has entered the contest and is a follower on Sept 30th.
  -One bonus entry for any bloggers who have entered the contest and have my blog linked on their site.  Please mention your blog when you enter.

  You can only earn entries between the time of this post and end of day, September 30th.

  One rule is that none of the prizes can be resold.  I hate seeing autographed custom cards/pictures being sold on eBay.   I hate seeing TTMs being sold.  When players start seeing their signed TTM responses go on eBay, they either stop signing TTM or start charging. 

  Here are the available prizes.

Stephane Richer Dale Hunter
David Aesbicher - 88-89 OPC       David Aesbischer - Horizontal
Craig Janney Pekka Rinne
Derek Dorsett Scott Hartnell "Suck it Phaneuf"
Anders Lindback Dale Weise - Horizontal
Pete Peeters Dale Weise - Vertical
Martin Biron Tim Jackman - 84-85 OPC
Jonathan Huberdeau - Florida Craig Anderson
Sergei Gonchar Curtis Sanford
Scott Clemmensen Al Secord - 79-80 card 

  The links are to the original post.  Only the listed autographed custom is an available prize.  The majority of them are 3.5x6 with a few being 3.5x5.  The Al Secord is the size of a card.  Other items in the postings are not available.  None of the prizes are personalized.  Which also suggests you may not get the one pictured.  They are duplicates, not exact copies.

  Good Luck


Friday, September 14, 2012

Box Break: 03-04 ITG Toronto Star

  The 2003-04 ITG Toronto Star set was available in the Greater Toronto Area.  For those of you who do not live in the centre of the universe, the Toronto Star is a daily newspaper.  Dave and Adams had boxes for $10, so I threw one on to my order.  The one thing that struck me immediately was the suggested retail price of each pack - $3.49!  For 4 base cards and a foil insert.  I got 20 packs for $10.  I saved $60 by waiting 9 years to buy a box.  Lets take a look at the base.

  I don't card what A Pack a Day says, I like the base a lot.  A nice full body picture of the player, team logo in the top corner and a single bare across the bottom with set logo and player name.  I find the front of the base cards to be very simple and attractive.  The backs are okay.  A single year of stats and a brief blurb on the player.  The head shot on the back is from the same image as on the front.  What I couldn't find was what position the player was.  For some reason, I feel that detail is a must on every hockey base card, especially the low end sets. I got bit lucky with my box and one pack had an extra card.  So I ended up with 81 of 100 cards.  The collation was not random.  I'd have 8-9 cards and then need the next two and the pattern would continue. 

  I like the foil cards as well.  Full body with head shot in background all wrapped up in a shiny package.  The foil cards is a 30 card set.  Although I have to admit I didn't get to see any foil cards other than Joe Thornton.  Every pack had a Joe Thornton foil card.  In fact, there is a small picture of him on the box.  Seriously, who is the joker who thought that up?  So I have 19 Joe Thornton foil cards available for trade.

  Even with the Joe Thronton debacle, I like this set.  A low risk, low reward box, but it scratches the itch.  I think it'd be a good TTM set as well.  No buyer remorse on this one.

Although I still need 19 base cards.  Looking for the following.
1Jean-Sebastien Giguere60Eric Lindros
2Petr Sykora65Jason Spezza
11Ryan Miller66Marian Hossa
20Alex Tanguay75Evgeni Nabokov
29Brendan Shanahan76Pavol Demitra
37Mike Comrie85Martin St. Louis
38Ryan Smyth86Owen Nolan
46Marian Gaborik96Markus Naslund
47Manny Fernandez97Todd Bertuzzi
59Anson Carter

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Happy Belated Anniversary to me!

  The one year anniversary of this blog has come and gone without any recognition.  One year and 10 days ago, I posted a hello message, a custom Peter Sidorkiewicz and a teaser for the 88-89 OPC Tribute set.  I never really thought I'd still be doing this one year later.  The blog was originally supposed to about about my hockey card collection but it took off with the 88-89 OPC Tribute Set and then autographs TTM.  The once fast and furious posting pace has slowed to a crawl.  It's been a gorgeous summer in the Arctic this year.  So I have been busying ATVing, kayaking and eating juicy Jalepeno and Cheese sausages roasted over an open fire.  I am sure that with the return of the snow, ice and, hopefully, the NHL, will help me get back into the blog.
  So how to celebrate the one year anniversary of this blog?  I guess I will have to stop being so lazy and finally put the finishing touches on the 88-89 OPC Tribute set.  Yes, the base set is finished but where is the fun if you can't crack any packs?  They will only be virtual packs but they should still entertain for a few minutes.  I am also adding the one retro aspect that was missing from the original 88-89 set; In Action cards. 

88-89 Tribute In Action Promo Card

  Also, what would an anniversary be without a contest?  Whenever I send out a custom card or picture to get signed, I include an extra copy for the player.  Sometimes they keep it, sometimes they send it back.  Usually when they send both copies back, both are signed.  I am going to give some of those away.  I will post contest details and prize list soon.
  I'd like to thank some of my fellow bloggers for linking to my blog.  I have enjoyed reading many of your blogs, and occasionally pilfering an idea or two.  Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.  Of course I'd like to thank you, Constant Reader, for your page views, follows and comments.  Which for all, more is a good think.  If no one ever viewed or commented on my blog, I am sure I would given it up long ago.  So if we continue to work together as a team, give 100% night in and night out, don't underestimate our opponents and blog every post like it's the playoffs, perhaps this blog will be around for another successful season.  Stay tuned.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

TTM: Red Kelly

  To say Red Kelly was a two way player, would be an understatement.  Red Kelly spent the first 13 seasons of his career with the Detroit Red Wings.  As a defenceman, Kelly won four Stanley Cups, 2 Lady Byngs, 1 Norris, and was a 1st team All-star 6 times, and twice a 2nd team All-star.  After a botched trade with the New York Rangers in 1960, Kelly was traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs.  In Kelly's first game as a Leaf, he lined up as centre and played the majority of the remainder of his career there.  He won four more Stanley Cups and another Lady Byng trophy.  His 8 Stanley Cups is the most for a player who had never played with the Montreal Canadiens.  Leonard "Red" Kelly was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1969.  Kelly also coached over 700 NHL games and was the inaugural coach of the Los Angeles Kings.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

TTM: Alexei Yashin

  Alexei Yashin is often best remember for his faults as opposed to his skill.  Yashin has been villianfied for his contract disputes with the Ottawa Senators and then used as a whipping boy for his lackluster performance after signing a monster contract with the New York Islanders in 2001. 

  In 1998-99, Yashin set career highs in goals, 44, assists, 50, and points, 94.  He was the runner-up in the Hart Trophy voting, and was a 2nd Team All-Star.  Yashin followed up his career season, by holding out the entire 1999-2000 season, which was the last season on his contract.  Yashin had also held out on 1995-96.  After missing the 99-00 season, Yashin attempted to claim his free agent status.  A NHL Arbitrator refused Yashin claim as free agent, until Yashin honoured the final year of his previous contract.  Yashin would play one final season as an Ottawa Senator, leading the team, and league, in the most disliked player category.  Thankfully, for Ottawa Senators fans, the New York Islanders has a GM named Mike Milbury.  The Islanders traded Bill Mucklat, Zdeno Chara and the 1st overall pick in 2001, Jason Spezza, to the Senators for Yashin.  Milbury then signed Yashin to a 10 year, 87.5 million dollar contract.  Yashin never lived up to Islanders investment and his contract was bought out by the Islanders after 5 season.  Although Yashin hasn't played in the NHL since 2007, he has attempted a few comebacks with the Senators and Islanders, most recently in 2011.  Surprisingly, none of his comebacks have gotten past the contract negotiations.

  While I remember the off-ice drama Yashin created, I will always remember watching him play in person.  I saw the Senators play the Tampa Bay Lightning during the 2000-01 season.  Yashin had the puck on a string.  He was easily the best player on the ice, when he was in the mood.  If he would have came to play every night, he would easily be in the ranks of Yzerman, and Sakic; the player's whose contracts he compared himself to.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Box Break: 2011/12 Elite

After getting unbanned from Dave and Adams Cardworld, I was able to get my order processed.  One of the boxes was a 2011-12 Donruss Elite.  This would be my second box of Elite.  I bought one at the Toronto Sportcard Expo back in May.  I wasn't really impressed but the prices has dropped on Elite and I wanted to get the base set.  I really like the card design.  I decided to get another box.

The scan doesn't do the card justice.  I love the shiny silver frame.  I even like the back of the card.  Unfortunately, I did not do good with the base.  I got more doubles than cards I needed.  I have 120 out of 200 and will need to make a decision about whether (and how) to go for the rest of the set. As the for the non-base, I prefer to skip the inserts and parallels.  Not impressed at all with either of them.  There are several insert sets but they all seem to appear to be the same.  The only good part is that they have several 6 cards insert sets of a single star player.  So at least you get a good chance of getting a star player.


   While I like the design of the RC, what I find disheartening is the lack of resale value.  Not that I base everything on what it goes for on eBay, but when you spend $80+ on a box, or $110 like the first box I bought, you'd like to check on the cards you got and at least see that you could get half your cost back for them.  The Adam Henrique goes for less than $2 on eBay, same with the Blum auto.  My other disappointment is that while the non-auto rookies are numbered, they didn't bother numbering the auto'd RCs. 

   I am not impressed by the New Breed jerseys/patches/auto, I got two in the other box as well.  The white swatch on the Palushaj card is dull city.  The Vincour has huge seam and is the prime variation, numbered out of 25.  I wish they could have filled the blank spot with something, maybe the team's logo.  I know that they basically printed the same card front for the auto variations. 

  The biggest hit in the box is a redemption of a dual auto, Passing the Torch, Jaroslav Halak and John Davidson.  Debating on what to do with this one.  I think it'd be a cool card but I am not a big fan of either player.

  I think I'll keep an eye on Elite and hope that it follow the same path that the 2010-11 Donruss did, and the boxes will be under $50 or even $40 within the year. 

Sunday, September 2, 2012

TTM: Rick Zombo

  Rick Zombo played 652 career NHL games over 11 seasons.  As a kid I always had a soft spot for Rick Zombo since I thought he had the last name alphabetically in the NHL.. ever.  As a teenager I stumbled across Mike Zuke and eventually Alexei Zyuzin came along and took all the fun out of it.  Zombo played almost his entire career in the Norris division before finishing his career with the Boston Bruins.