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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

TTM: Patric Hornqvist

Patric Hornqvist has led the Nashville Predators in goals in two of the past three seasons, setting a career high with 30 in 2009-10.  Hornqvist has yet to find his stride in the play-offs, scoring 5 pts in 19 career play-off games including one assist in the recent 5 game series win against the Detroit Red Wings.  Hornqvist will have to produce like he has in the regular season, to give the Predators a chance of winning the Stanley Cup this season.  So far, Hornqvist has been a solid TTM returner in his brief career.  I received 2 of 2 from Mr. Hornqvist, taking 51 days.

Monday, April 23, 2012

TTM: Tim Jackman

Tim Jackman has been a journeyman enforcer, playing for 5 teams in his 348 game career.  His best season was 2010-11, when he set career highs in goals, 13, assists, 10, and points, 23.  Tim led the Flames in PIM this season with 94 and ranked tenth in the NHL in fighting majors, with 14. He sported a 5-5-4 record in his fights, according to the voting members of hockeyfights.com.  This return sets a new record for longest return for my collection, it took 147 days.  Mr. Jackman signed 3 of 3 and returned one of the extra pictures signed.  He kept the copy with the 1988-89 OPC design.  Not sure if he was a fan of the 1988-89 OPC set or a fan of his fist on Brad Staubitz face.  

Ripping off Card Boarded feature, let's watch some captured on cardboard action. 

Did you see it?  No neither did I, but it's in there... somewhere.  The 17 second mark is my best guess.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

TTM: Jonathon Cheechoo

Jonathan Cheechoo faded away as fast as he burst onto the scene.  Cheechoo led the league in goals in 2005-06, but within four seasons, was playing in the minors.  Cheechoo benefited greatly from the San Jose Sharks trading for Joe Thornton.  Before the trade Cheechoo had 7 goals and 15 pts in 24 games.  After the trade Cheechoo had 49 goals and 78 pts in 58 games.  Each season afterwards, Cheechoo's production dropped, until he was traded in 2009, to the Ottawa Senators, in a package deal for Dany Heatley.   In 2009-10, Cheechoo scored 5 goals in 66 games and had his contract bought out by the Senators at the end of the season.  Cheechoo has played in the AHL the past two season, trying to regain his scoring touch.  Cheechoo is from Moose Factory, a First Nation's community near Hudson Bay in Ontario.  Mr. Cheechoo signed four of four, c/o the Peoria Rivermen.  
  If you haven't seen the Cheechoo song videos, then you really need to.

Monday, April 16, 2012

TTM: Jonas Gustavsson

  Jonas Gustavsson came to the Leafs admist much fanfare.  Nicknamed "The Monster", Leafs fans were expecting monster seasons from Gustavsson and a return to glory for the once proud franchise.  Three years later, the paper bags remain firmly entrenched on Leafs fans heads, as the Leafs have yet to make a return to the playoffs.  Gustavsson has shown sparks of brilliance, but he has yet to put together a monster season.  His days as a Leaf may be over as Gustavsson is an Unrestricted Free Agent this offseason.  Mr. Gustavsson signed 3 of 3 and also returned the extra copy of the picture signed.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

TTM: Luke Schenn

  Luke Schenn has led the Toronto Maple Leafs in hits for the past four seasons and led all NHL defencemen with 270 hits in 2011/12 and 251 in 2010/11.  Schenn is one player who should benefit from the coaching change in Toronto.  Schenn's minutes were swindling under Ron Wilson but Wilson's replacement, Randy Carlyle, has asked Schenn to play nastier and to unleash the beast.  Mr. Schenn returned 2 of 3.  I cannot remember what the other card was but he also returned the extra picture signed.  The envelope was sealed... kinda.  The flap was folded inside the envelope and was stuck to the picture.  You can see the mark on the top left of the picture.  Still another great success.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

TTM: Craig Berube

Craig Berube sits 7th overall for career penalty minutes with 3149.  Berube never lead the league for PIM in a season and his top finish was 4th, but he was able to move up the PIM ladder by playing 17 seasons and over 1000 NHL games.  Berube scored 61 goals in his career and achieved his only Hat Trick on January 4th, 1990 vs the St. Louis Blues.  The Hat Trick was of the Gordie Howe variety, as Berube got a goal, an assist and a fight vs Tony Twist.  Berube had multiple stops in Philadelphia, Washington and Calgary, as well as briefly suiting up for the Leafs and Islanders.  Berube enjoyed Philadelphia so much that he signed an AHL contract with the Philadelphia Phantoms in his final pro season and is now an assistant coach with the Flyers.  Mr. Berube signed 3 of 3 care of the Philadelphia Flyers. 

For some Berube mayhem, with Berube staring at the beginning and end, enjoy the following clip.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

TTM: Brian Elliott

  Brian Elliott had a horrible finish to the 2010-11 season.  He finished the season with a 3.34 GAA and .893 save percentage.  His season was tainted even more, after finishing the season 2-8-1 with a 3.83 with the Colorado Avalanche, after a late season trade from Ottawa.  Not a good way to sell yourself while heading into free agency.  In the off season, Eliiot signed a two-way contract with the St. Louis Blues, expecting to battle with Ben Bishop for the back-up role behind Jaroslav Halak.  Elliott has responded by setting a NHL single season record for save percentage, .940, and post-WWII record of a 1.56 GAA.
  Even with the amazing season Elliott has had, his name is not being mention in the Vezina Trophy talks.  Many people point out that he only played 38 games.  What do you think?  Is Brian Elliott Vezina worthy?  I think he deserves to atleast be Vezina Finalist.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

TTM: Chris Pronger

Chris Pronger has won a Stanley Cup, 2 Olympic Gold medals, a Hart Trophy,  a Norris Trophy, and has earned the hearts of millions, and the hatred of the rest of hockey fans.  A big player with a nasty streak, Pronger is a player you'r love to have on you team, but if he is on the other team, then he's just a jerk.  One of the more famous Pronger moments is his puck-stealing during game 1 and 2 of the 2010 Stanley Cup Finals.  Is Chris Pronger HHOF material?  If I had a vote, I'd vote yes.
Mr. Pronger signed a card and both copies of the picture I sent him.  He did not keep the extra copy of the picture but did keep a card.  I can't remember what the card was, other than it was him in a Blues uniform.  A great TTM success.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Whoops, I did it again

  Every now and then I'll buy a card without seeing it.  Sometimes it's just base cards from Sportlots.com but other times I buy cards off of SportsCardForum without seeing a scan.  When the cards come in the mail, it's like ripping into a wax pack, except you know what you're getting, but you still don't know what they look like.  I bought a 2003-04 Topps Pristine Marty Turco autograph as part of a lot purchase from a member on SportsCardForum.  A week later, I saw an awesome looking Turco autograph on eBay and my opening bid won the auction.  The card in the auction?

  The nice thing is that this is a great looking card.  A scan does not do it justice.  Its shininess can only be appreciated in person.  Also, I spent a little over $5 total on the pair, so it is an easy mistake to swallow.  Unfortunately Turco's return to the NHL has not been as pleasant.  He sports the worst save percentage of any goalie who has played over 100mins this season. His return to the NHL has actually cost him 3 spots on the all-time career GAA leaders, dropping him down to 17th overall.  The only good thing that could occur if the Bruins repeat, will be if Turco gets his name on the Cup.

  Update:  Argh.  After posting this, I found out Turco is not eligible to play in the Stanley Cup Finals.  Since he was signed after the trade deadline, he cannot play in the play-offs.  That sucks.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

TTM: Travis Green

Travis Green played 970 NHL games over 14 NHL seasons.  He suited up for the Islanders, Ducks, Coyotes, Leafs, and Bruins.  In his final NHL season he made return trips to the Ducks and Leafs organizations.  Green also played for Team Canada in the World Championship of Hockey three times, earning gold and silver medals.  Travis Green was also part of the 1992-93 New York Islanders team that defeated the heavily favourite Pittsburgh Penguins in game 7 overtime.  I am going to start trying to collect autographs of members of the 1993-94 Islanders.  The overtime victory over the Penguins is a cherished childhood memory for me.  Mr. Green now works as an assistant coach for the Portland Winter Hawks of the WHL.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

TTM: Anders Lindback

Nashville Predators back-up goalie Anders Lindback heard his name mentioned a few times before the trade deadline.  Stuck behind the 2010-11 Vezina Finalist and 2011-12 games played leader, Pekka Rinne, Lindaback has only appeared in 14 games this season.  With Rinne signed through 2019, Lindback could have a hard time getting any playing time in the years to come unless he is traded or the Predators let Lindback walk this off-season.  Lindback will be a RFA this summer.
I sent Mr. Lindback 2 cards a a picture to sign.  He signed all three and also signed and returned the extra copy of the pictured offered for him to keep.  

Monday, April 2, 2012

Matt Martin: NHL Single Season Hits Record Holder

On Saturday, March 31st, a single season record quietly fell as Matt Martin delivered his 357th hit of the season, passing Cal Clutterbuck.  

One of the reasons, the record was without fanfare, is because the NHL only officially started recording Hits as a stat in 2005-06.  Another reason is that what is and isn't considered a hit, is all subjective to the home arena official scorer.  So it it possible to quantify a home arena advantage?  My answer to that is yes, it can be, but not by me.  Instead I throw up some stats and figures that likely don't mean anything, like the chart below.