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1989-89 OPC Tribute Hockey Pack

Get a Free Pack of 88-89 OPC Tribute Cards!
Five cards per Pack. Collect Them All!
Look for Rookies, Legends and Inserts

Legends 1:2
Rookies 1:5
In Action 1:4
Autographs 1:20

*High Res Pictures available on blog posts via checklist*

Update: I finally got around to fixing this. The free web host I was using expired or went under or something. So I found an old script I was previously trying to use and got it to work. Unfortunately, you may come across some retro collation and get the same card multiple times in the same pack. And the In Action insert looks like a mini card. You can view them better here. It took me long enough to fix this page. It'll take me far longer to fix those annoyances. In the meantime, enjoy. And hopefully you can pull a HHOF auto.


  1. those are pretty cool dude. Well done.

  2. Lafleur auto....nice!

    This was loads of fun, great idea!

  3. Selanne auto--didn't have one until now--Ovechkin double in the first two packs though

  4. Two Doughty's in one pack; what is this, early 90's Upper Deck?

    Just kidding! What a great looking retro set and a neat concept. I really like the photos you used and to be honest, I'd buy this set over any Panini release.

    1. A retro set gets retro collation.

      I don't know enough HTML to fix it. Other than the last card, which is an insert, every other card is randomly picked out of 90. Zero relation to the other cards in the pack or the previous pack. You have about a 3% chance of getting two of the same card in the same pack. There is a 1 in 729,000 chance that all four cards in the pack will be the same. If I knew how to do cookies or javascript, I might have been able to fix it.

    2. I was just messin' with you. This was one of the coolest things I've seen on a sports blog in a long time.

      Plus, I'd rather get two retro Doughty's than one Panini Doughty.

    3. I know you weren't being negative. I was debating on whether to warn about the collation in the original post or not. I wish I could have fixed it.

    4. You could make 5 separate arrays in Javascript, and have it pull 1 card from each array. Thus, no dupes :)

    5. That's beyond my html/javascript abilities. How do you do that? Or can you direct mm to a page that show how to do that?

  5. OMG...are you determined to have my wife kill me? The 80-81's were awesome on their own, but now I will have no waking hours for housework, etc.!!!

  6. Reimer and Bower in the same pack!!! Love it!

  7. Now I want to actually get these "cards". Awesome! Great idea.