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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Lost Rookies: Garth Butcher

  It took Garth Butcher 6 seasons and 383 NHL games before OPC would give Garth a rookie card in the 1988-89 set. All it took was Garth leading the Canucks in PIM for four straight seasons.  Although it could have been worse, Butcher made Pro Set before he ever made it into Topps.  Here's what his rookie might have looked like.

1982-83 OPC #397 Garth Butcher (RC)
1982-83 OPC #397 Garth Butcher (RC)

Update July 28/20

  There is a lot of hole in Garth's career, in terms of card. He only got a single card over the course of eight seasons.  So in addition to the 82-83 card above, let's fill in some of those oversights.  One issue with Garth is the change in Canucks uniform in 1985.  There are few usable picture of Garth in a flying V uniform.  I even stretched the it a bit using the picture with the JCM patch for the 83-84 card, as it wasn't until the 1984-85 season that the Canucks wore that patch.  So sorry Butcher fans, you are not getting as many cards as you should.

1983-84 OPC Garth Butcher

1986-87 OPC Garth Butcher 

1987-88 OPC Garth Butcher

1989-90 OPC Garth Butcher

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