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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Toronto Sportscard Expo

  The Toronto Sportscard and Memorabilia Exposition is taking place this weekend.  I plan my holidays around the spring show every year.  The show is a sensory overload for the hockey collector.  There is a lot more than just cards to be seen and bought.  There are loads of memorabilia from jerseys, sticks, pictures, programs, McFarlanes, hockey coins and a lot more collectibles.  The theme for the autograph guests is the the 1993 Stanley Cup Champions Montreal Canadiens.  I rarely buy tickets for the autograph guests.  Patrick Roy will be there but will cost you $180.  Although I might get one or two of the cheaper players.  Do you think Andre Racicot will inscribe "Red Light" if I asked? 
  Last year, one of the highlights for me was meeting "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan.  He was promoting he new book.  Throughout the day, you could hear a "Hoooooooo!!  reverberate through the expo. I even got onto the Upper Deck Hacksaw Jim Duggan video at the end of day.  You can see me Hoooooo-ing.


  I will definitely be at the expo again this year.  I am considering going for two days this year, Saturday and Sunday.  I don't have much of a game plan going in.  I don't usually spend much on a single card.  I tend to buy a lot of cheaper cards.  I think I'll be looking for lesser name rookie autos and numbered cards of star players.  I'll be keeping an eye out for cheaper game used.  Last year a guy had a binder of game used stickered at 50% or less of book, and then everything in the binder was another 50% off.  I got a Patrick Roy game used stick card for $5.  I hope he is there again.  Another great table was the guy who had dozens of 5000ct boxes of base cards and was basically selling them for a dime each, even Taylor Hall and Sidney Crosby.  I am getting excited just typing this. 

  Are you going to the show?  Do you have a game plan?

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