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Sunday, June 2, 2013

TTM Success: Allan Bester

  The diminutive Allan Bester was a childhood favourite of mine.  Being a big goalie fan, and growing up near Toronto, I spent many afternoons playing road hockey and pretending I was Allan Bester.  I believe I had a better GAA than Bester during those years.  Toronto was a horrible place to play as a goalie during the 1980s.  While Bester performed admirable under those circumstances, his legacy was paled by an overtime goal scored by Sergio Momesso in the 1990 play-offs.  A Momesso slap shot, taken from the blueline, went between Bester's legs.  The St. Louis Blues took a three games to zero led the the series and would eventually win in five games.  Bester would spend the majority of the next eight years as a minor league goalie.  In 1996, after suffering a slew of goalie injuries, the Dallas Stars signed Bester to a contract.  Bester would finish his NHL career with a ten game stint with the Stars.  Allan signed 4 of 4 and kept a copy of the picture as offered.

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