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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

1980-81 OPC Ken Dryden

  After winning a fourth Stanley Cup in four years with the Montreal Canadiens,  Ken Dryden abruptly retired.  You have to wonder what could have been.  Dryden, and the Canadiens could have won a few more Cups.  Perhaps there would have never been a New York Islanders dynasty and the torch would pass from the Canadiens directly to the Edmonton Oilers.  Dryden would have a few more cards produced and he'd likely swap his iconic mask for the combo mask, that was introduced to the NHL by his brother, Dave Dryden.  Before retiring, Ken did test the mask combo, but only during practices.  Here's was a 1980-81 OPC Ken Dryden could have looked like.

1980-81 OPC Ken Dryden

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