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Friday, December 26, 2014

I have been Wiki linked

  The main reason I continue to do this blog is for myself.  It gives me an opportunity to post various thoughts and projects I work on.  I have learned a lot about the history of hockey while doing research for some of my posts.  Doing it for myself helps to explain my posting frequency.  I do it when I wanna do it.
  But I have to admit, I get pretty pumped when I find links to my blog.  Last year a link to my post that imagined if a certain Seals-Canadien trade had never taken place.  I stumbled across it while reading the comments on a blog entry on a popular Montreal Canadiens blog.  They sued a tiny url to link it so if I had never stumbled across that particular post, read that particular comment and bothered to click the link, I would have never known.
  Another time while trying to do research for my Gordie Howe Hat Tricks blog, I found someone on a hockey forum posting a link to one of my blog posts to validate a point they were trying to make.
  Just recently, I was checking my site statistics when I notice I was getting hits from Wikipedia.  My Perry Berezan: The Lost Cards post is being used as a reference for the Steve Smith (ice hockey, born in Scotland) entry.  I have no idea why they would use my post.  It just proves you should double check anything you read on Wikipedia. 
  While finding links takes the cake, getting post-related comments are cool too.  For the bloggers out there, do you ever check your traffic sources for your blog?  Any in particular stand out to you?

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  1. Mine mostly come froom Google or Sal's Hockey Autographs, though he rarely posts there anymore (he still keeps puckjunk updated though).