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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

IP Success: Jordin Tootoo

  Getting an in-person auto is quite an achievement when you live in the Arctic Circle.   If you did get one, most people would bet it'd be Jordin Tootoo, and most people would be right.  Tootoo is a spokesperson for Canadian North, an airline that services the Arctic.  This week Canadian North and Jordin Tootoo made several stops in the Western Arctic.  Tootoo is the first Inuk to make the NHL and is a inspiration to aboriginals accross Canada, especially in the North.  Tootoo appeared at the school's gym, spoke about some of the obstacles he has overcame, such as his older brother's suicide and his battle with sobriety.  There were a few presentations and Tootoo even did some drum dancing with a group of kids.  The afternoon ended with Mr. Tootoo signing autographs.


  1. Hey, that's awesome. Especially cool that Tootoo would discuss such painful subjects with impressionable youths. He may have made a difference in several lives.

    Did you make that last card? It's a good idea.

    1. Addictions and suicide are major issues in Northern Canada. It's really important for the people of the North to have someone like Tootoo as a role model. Especially his openness about how his addiction to alcohol almost derailed his career. I cheer for him since people of the North really need a role model they can aspire too and overcoming alcohol addictions makes him an even more important role model.
      I have made about dozen of the Gordie Howe Hat Trick cards, most are still in the mail. I also started work on a new blog http://gordie-howe-hat-trick.blogspot.ca/ Just trying to get more material on it before I start pushing it.