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Monday, February 18, 2013

Lost Cards: Pelle Lindbergh

  Pelle Lindbergh is tragic story.  A young superstar who authored his own demise through over-estimating his own indestructibility.  On November 12, 1985, Lindbergh crashed his Porsche into a wall.  Lindbergh's blood alcohol level was .24, well above the legal limit of .10.  He was known for driving fast and speed also contributed to the crash.  Lindbergh was pronounced brain-dead the day after the accident.  A few days later, he was taken off life support.  He was only 26 when he died.
  Lindbergh lives on today as a "what could have been" story.  He had won the Vezina trophy in 1984-85 and had backstopped the Flyers to the Stanley Cup Finals.  He was the first European goalie to win any NHL awards or honours. 
  Lindbergh only had two OPC cards.  He had a rookie card in the 1983-84 set, and then also a card in the 1985-86 set.  He never had a card in the 1984-85 set.  He struggled in the 1983-84 season, allowing Bob Froese to get the majority of starts, and the lone Flyers goalie card in the set.  I created this card during last summer, before OPC put out its 2012-13 set.  Unfortunately, they used the exact same picture for Lindbergh's sticker insert.

1984-95 OPC Pelle Lindbergh


  1. Awesome stuff Jason!! Love the look of this one for sure.

    This is the card I always wanted to see:


    I guess you could have also done an 82-83 Rookie card since he appeared in some games in the 81-82 season. Another day perhaps?

    1. I am working on MacInnis. Problem is I wanted to try to get a picture from those years. MacInnis wore #11 in 81-82 and #22 in 82-83. So it's usually fairly obvious if a picture is from those years. I have to find a picture from those years, let alone one that could be used for a card. The one I was working on is 83-84 OPC, which would be considered an update set.

  2. I always thought this set needed a Lindbergh. Very nice!

    I'm also loving the '81-82 cards. That set was such a favourite of mine as a kid and it's great to see it in a fresh light.

  3. Is it possible to buy you a copy of this custom card?