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Saturday, February 9, 2013

TTM Success: Jack Lynch

  Jack Lynch spent his career on some fairly bad teams, but no team rivals the 1974-75 Washington Capitals.  Traded midseason from the Detroit Red Wings to the Capitals, Lynch would play 20 games for Washington in 1974-75, scoring six points and registering a minus 52.  Based on his 20 games with the Caps, Lynch would have been on pace for -216 if he had played the entire season with the team.  The following season was a better one for Jack and the Caps.  The Caps won 11 games, up from eight the previous season and Lynch improved to a -52.  Unfortunately for Jack, his career ended due to injuries in 1979 before the Capitals started to be a competitive team.  He added a post-it note on the card on the right, pointing out that the player on the card is not him, but teammate Bill Collins.  Jack currently works for Ontario Tourism.

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