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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

TTM Success: JP Parise

 Jean Paul Parise was never really a star, but he put together an excellent career and was part of Team Canada in 1972 Summitt Series.  Parise will be best remember for his actions in Game Eight of the Summitt Series.  After Team Canada is called for three minor penalties within the first 5 minutes, Parise threatens the referee, Josef Kompalla, with a overhand swing of his stick.  Pairse was given a game miscount for his actions.  Kompalla, USSR's choice for game 8 referee, was a late change after one of the planned officials, Rudolf Bata, got ill with food poisoning.  In game Six, Kompalla had called Team Canada for 31 PIM compared to USSR's 4.  Conspiracy theories had USSR giving Bata food poisoning so their choice of officials would call the game.  After the Parise incident, Kompalla actually called more penalties against the USSR than Canada.  Did Parise's outburst help Team Canada win?  It definitely changed the game.

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