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Thursday, May 23, 2019

Lost Rookies: 1982-83 OPC Doug Keans

  In the summer of 1978, Kings stalwart Rogie Vachon signed as a restricted free agent with the Detroit Red Wings.  The Kings in preparation made an ill-fated trade for a new starter, Ron Grahame, and grabbed a goalie with their second pick in the draft, a 6th rounder, in Doug Keans.
  Keans worked his way up through the minors and made his debut on February 16, 1980, a victory versus the New York Islanders.  The Kings had won one of their past 12 games, but Keans help guide the Kings to three straight victories.  In the third game, Keans shared the Kings franchise first shared shutout with Mario Lessard, a 3-0 victory over the Boston Bruins (cue foreshadowing).  Keans left the game after receiving an Al Secord elbow to the back of the head (cue foreshadowing).
  Keans split time between the Kings, the minors, and the injury list during his four NHL seasons with the franchise. Unable to dethrone incumbent starter, Mario Lessard, combined with the trade for Markus Mattson, and the emergence of Gary Laskoski, (yes the Kings goaltending was really that bad in the 80s), Keans was placed on waivers.
  Keans was picked up by the Boston Bruins and became one of the best back-ups in the NHL of the mid 80s.  In five seasons with the Bruins, Keans played 26-35 games per year and had a .630 win percent.  He backed-up All-Stars Pete Peeters, Pat Riggin, Bill Ranford, and Reggie Lemelin.  A trade deadline deal in 1988 brough Andy Moog to the Boston Bruins, and sent Keans back to the minors.  Keans played the 1988-89 season in the minors before retiring.  In 1992, Keans once again put on the skates, this time for a minor league called the Sunshine Hockey League.  He re-retired in 1995.
  Keans never did get a Kings hockey card during his playing days.  Keans had four cards produce of him by OPC, all with the Bruins.  I was always fond of his 1987-88 card.  Even by then, it was rare of OPC to get good action shots of goalies.

1982-83 OPC #400 - Doug Keans (RC)

  I went with the 1982-83 design for Keans Lost Rookies card.  I didn't do an 1980-81 since the cartoon on the back of the card is a frustration for me.  It's hard to find and transfer over a good relevant cartoon.  I am no artist, so I am not drawing my own.  At the time of deciding what year to choose, I was in no mood to deal with the back of an 1980-81 card.  I didn't go with the 1981-82 design since I already posted a copy of the front of a card during my 1981-82 OPC Goalie Reboot project.  Therefore, I present to a 1982-83 OPC Doug Keans rookie card.

1982-83 OPC #400 - Doug Keans (RC)

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