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Thursday, May 16, 2019

Lost Rookies: 1987-88 OPC Jocelyn Lemieux

  Jocelyn Lemieux, brother of Claude, was drafted 10th overall by the St. Louis Blues in the 1986 entry draft.  It was the Blues first 1st round selection since 1981.  The Blues traded away their first round picks in 1982 (8th - Rocky Trottier) and 1983 (6th - John MacLean) to the Colorado Rockies for Rob Ramage.  The Blues actually didn't pick a single player in 1983 as they boycotted the draft in protest.  Their 1984 (8th - Shayne Corson) and 1985 (12th - Jose Charbonneau) picks went to the Canadiens in two separate deals, which included a combined total of 14 draft picks trading hands, as well as the Blues acquiring Rick Wamsely and Mark Hunter.  Of interest, the Blues later traded Ramage and Wamsley to the Flames for Brett Hull.  Which basically works out to three first round picks (Trottier, MacLean, and Corson) for Brett Hull.  Yeah, I think I'd take that trade.
  As for Jocelyn, although he was unable to translate his draft pedigree to star status, he did play almost 600 career games over 12 seasons. Injuries plagued Jocelyn during his two seasons in St. Louis, a theme that would carry on for his entire career.  The Blues traded Jocelyn to the Montreal Canadiens.  In his first game as a Hab, Jocelyn played on a line with his brother Claude.  The brothers assisted on a goal by Bobby Smith.  Jocelyn, who never took to Pat Burns system, was rewarded with a demotion to the AHL.  He returned to the Habs the next season but was shortly on the move to Chicago.   Jocelyn would spend the bulk of his career as a Black Hawk, which included a trip to the 1992 Stanley Cup finals, before becoming a journeyman the last few seasons of his career, playing with four teams (Whalers, Devils, Flames, Coyotes) in his final three seasons.
  Jocelyn would benefit from the 1990 hockey card boon and had four rookie cards that season while he was with the Chicago Black Hawks.  Here's my Lost Rookie card of Jocelyn Lemieux as a St. Louis Blues.

1987-88 OPC #266 Jocelyn Lemieux (RC)

1987-88 OPC #266 Jocelyn Lemieux (RC)


  1. Chris Chelios cameo? (Nice card, nice blog!)

    1. Thanks. It's always neat when I can find a good picture that has also has other players that are easily recognized.