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Sunday, August 4, 2019

The Lost Page: 85-86 OPC #265-273

  I have reached a minor milestone in the Lost Cards.  I have my first full sheet of cards from a single set.  As a set collector, I have many binders full of nine pocket plastic sheets, so that's why the number 9 is a milestone.

  Here's a much higher quality view of the cards, sans plastic protector.

  You might notice the three cards in the middle have watermarks on.  A few years ago I switched computers but never properly backed up all my files.  So I lost about a year or so worth of files, which included many customer cards.  I redid the Butch Goring, since I will eventually print it off for my one star, one sheet personal project, but I haven't had the urge to redo the others I lost.

  For those of you checking them off at home, want to check out a card in more detail, or want to read a bit about the player featured, here are the original posts
  Time for me to solicit some feedback.  If you could add only one card above to the original set, which card would you select, and why?  Is there a player missing from the 85-86 set that you can make a strong case for including?  I might be inclined to add him.  


  1. Congratulations! The completed page looks great. If I had to choose one card to add to the original set, it would probably be Dave Gagner. He had some real solid years with Minnesota and was a favorite player of mine back in the early '90s. But then again, you also have Butch Goring and his helmet! (He scored 34 points in 39 games with the Bruins that year. Not too shabby.)

    1. I think that'd be a close call between Butch and Gagner. Neither had a card with the teams pictured above.

  2. These are excellent. Since OPC reduced the number of cards in the set compared to 84-85, there are a lot of cards that could be added. If would add a card it would be Petri Skriko. But I would also add Mats Thelin and Todd Bergen.

    1. I have been meaning to do a Bergen for a awhile. I wonder what kind of career he would have had. Based on his brief time in the NHL, he might have been a future 50 goal man.
      Thelin never had a NHL card either. I'm going to queue both of those up for Lost Rookies.
      Skriko had several cards of him as a Canuck. Although he never had one with the Sharks, his final team. he would be a good candidate for a Lost Card, if there was a good picture of him as a Shark.