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Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Lost Rookies: Perry Berezan

  Perry Berezan played 242 games through 6 seasons before getting a rookie card. When Berezan made it into the league, OPC had just went from a 396 card set to a 264 cards, making the set line-up harder to crack.  Even though he "scored" one of the most goals in NHL history, he still couldn't crack the OPC line-up.  Injuries, and the Flames depth, also played a role. After playing 55 games in 85-86, he only played 24 and 29 games in the following seasons.  It would take a trade to the Minnesota North Stars and the 1990 hockey card boom before Berezan would get a rookie card.  Below is what a 1985-86 Perry Berezan's rookie card might have looked like.

1985-86 OPC #265 Perry Berezan RC
1985-86 OPC #265 Perry Berezan RC Back


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