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Thursday, December 19, 2019

Lost Cards: 1987-88 OPC Ric Seiling

  Ric Seiling was a solid two-way forward for the Buffalo Sabres for almost a decade before playing a single season for the Detroit Red Wings.
  Seiling scored 110 points for the St. Catherines Fincups of the OHMJL in 1976-77.  The junior team was selected to represent Canada in the 1977 World Hockey Junior Championship.  This was back when the team Canada sent to the World Juniors was an actual team from the junior leagues, plus a few ringers.  The team also added several other OHMJL stars.  Team Canada won a Silver medal, after losing to the Soviet Union in their final game.  Seiling was drafted 14th overall by the Buffalo Sabres in the 1977 NHL Amateur Draft.  The next player selected was Mike Bossy.
  Seiling made the Sabres out of training camp and scored his first career goal, a game winner, against Michel Laroque of the Montreal Canadiens in a 4-0 victory on October 30, 1977.  Seling set career highs in points, 60, in 79-80 and goals, 30, in 80-81.  He was on pace to set new career highs in goals and points during the 1981-82 season.  Through 51 games, Seiling had 22 goals and 44 points.  He was on pace for 34 goals and 68 points.  On January 30th, 1982, Seiling was hit in the left eye by Phil Russell's stick.  The injury left Seiling with limited vision in his left eye and threaten his career.  After returning from the injury, Seiling's offence dipped.  His point total decline to 41, 35, 31, 25 and then 11 in five consecutive seasons.  Seiling also began wearing a visor, becoming one of the few players to do so in 1982.
  Seiling's role on the team declined and during the 1986 training camp, he was sold to the Detroit Red Wings.  OPC was quick to catch on and gave Seiling the airbursh treatment for the 86-87 set.  I gave it a quick fix, sending him back to the Sabres, as per the 85-86 season.

1986-87 OPC Ric Seiling

  Seiling scored a career low 11 points in 74 games during his lone season with the Red Wings.  The following season, 87-88, Seiling was sent down to the Adirondack Red Wings of the AHL and performed as a player-coach.  It was his last season as a professional.  His airbrush job in the 86-87 set was his final card.  I created a career capping Lost Card for Seiling, giving him an action shot.

1987-88 OPC #271 Ric Seiling

1987-88 OPC #271 Ric Seilng

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