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Sunday, December 15, 2019

The Lost Mike Bossys: Baseball Edition Pt. 1

  What if Topps/OPC used their baseball designs for hockey?  I am not sure but it does give me an excuse to make some more cards of my favourite player, Mike Bossy.  I have the first three done, but hockeyizing the 1981 Topps gave some frustration switching the baseball cap into a hockey helmet that could have a position and team name on it.  So for now, just three Bossy on baseball designs.

1978 Topps Mike Bossy

1979 Topps Mike Bossy

1980 Topps Mike Bossy


  1. All three designs work very well for hockey. Nice job swapping out the baseballs for pucks!

  2. The late 70s/early 80s Topps baseball designs were the best! I love how you have incorporated them and tweaked them to fit our Hockey Heroes! The puck insertion is apt...you make cardboard fun again! Happy Holidays and a retro New Year!!