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Sunday, January 26, 2020

Lost Pages: 1984-85 OPC #397-405

  Another 9 pocket page has been completed, this time for the 1984-85 OPC set.  This set was the only one OPC used head portraits on the front for hockey.  Certainly a classic set.  It was also the start of the Lost Rookies and Cards posts, which has become the focus of this blog.  Bob Mason was the inaugural Lost Rookie, although it was originally part of The Forgotten blog posts.   The Forgotten were posts that looked at goalies or players who only played a few games or never got a card during their careers.  The Forgotten eventually changed to the Lost Cards and focused on creating custom cards.
  The other highlight for me from this Lost Page is Frank Caprice.  Through TTM and the custom card I sent him, I was able to score an interview with him.  It's one of two interviews I was able to do with ex-NHLers for this blog.

1984-85 OPC #397-405 Lost Cards

  All of the Lost Cards I made for this set have been Lost Rookies, with the exception of Pelle Lindbergh.  Pelle was outplayed by rookie Bob Froese and was skipped over by OPC for the 1984-85 set.

1984-85 OPC #397-405 Lost Cards

Here's the checklist and links to the posts for each Lost Card featured above

  • 397 - Bob Mason (RC)
  • 398 - Pelle Lingbergh
  • 399 - Frank Caprice (RC)
  • 400 - Michel Petit (RC)
  • 401 - Marc Behrend (RC)
  • 402 - Marty McSorley (RC)
  • 403 - Dave Richter (RC)
  • 404 - Ken Daneyko (RC)
  • 405 - Claude Loiselle (RC)

  •   Although looking into the Lost Cards of 1984-85 OPC set, I realized there was a Lost "Lost Card" from the 1984-85 OPC set.  

    The Lost Lost Rookie - 1984-85 OPC #400 Tim Hunter (RC)

      In 2016, I switched computers.  I had previously backed-up all my files but did not failed to update my back-ups.  So I figure I lost about a year of files, which includes the Lost Rookie of Tim Hunter.

      Reader feedback time.  If you could add one of the Lost Cards above to the original 1984-85 set, which one would be your choice?  Also, is there a player who was omitted from the 1984-85 set that you would vote in?


    1. Hello! Long-time follower here. How did you get these printed out? Do you have any extras that I'd be able to buy from you? I love the custom cards.

    2. Not sure I could choose just one Lost Card to add to the original set.

      The Bob Mason card is classy, and it's the one that most resembles a card that could have actually been in the original set.

      The McSorley card is interesting because it looks like he's just finished a fight and the referee is escorting him away. You don't see something like that on hockey cards very often.

      The Daneyko card is great, too, and he really shouldn't have had to wait until the 1989-90 set to receive a rookie card.

    3. This is my favourite set, and I think best set ever. From the photos of the players to the colours of the borders (Detroit is red, Toronto is blue), I just think that no other set comes close.

      For example, if you can make a Jan Ludvig card look good, then mission accomplished.

      There are a lot of players that are missing, but I’ve always wondered why some players who played over 60 games didn’t have a card and I could give a list.

      I would add Hannu Virta – Buffalo or Timo Blomqvist – Washington played a full season but were missing.

      There were a few more and it would be awesome if you could do a missing Lost Cards for them.

      Love the site and your blog.