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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

88-89 OPC Tribute: Lupul and Kariya

  Joffrey Lupul is having a career year.  His 67 points this season, has already shattered his previous career high of 53, from 2005-05.  Unfortunately for Lupul, the career season might be over, after suffering a separated shoulder in last night's game.

#90 - Joffrey Lupul 

  After reaching the Stanley Cup Finals in 2003, Paul Kariya basically admitted that the Anahiem Ducks Cup run was a fluke when he, and Teemu Selanne, took pay cuts and signed as free agents with the Colorado Avalanche, believing that the Avalanche were Stanley Cup favourties for 2003-04.  Kariya, took a $8.8 million pay cut to sign with the Avalanche.  Kariya battled injuries that season, missing 31 regular season games and then all but one play-off game as the Avalanche lost in the Quart-finals.  The Ducks missed the play-offs that season.  
  After the lock-out, Kariya signed with the Nashville Predators, while the Duck reached the Stanley Cup semi-finals before winning the Stanley Cup the following year.  Kariya, whose career was hampered by injuries, was forced into retirement with post-concussion syndrome.  He finished with 989 points in 989 games.

#120 - Paul Kariya

  That completes the 132 cards 1988-89 OPC Tribute set.  There were some tough decision and some omissions along the way.  I found the best part of doing this was also the worst part.  I often dreaded doing a write-up for each player but sometimes it was the best part since I got to learn some interesting bits about each player.  If you want to view the set, there is a link on the right side of the blog under Projects  for 1988-89 OPC Tribute Checklist.  I hope to have another addition to the project soon that I think will end it on a high note.  I hope you enjoyed the set and keep your eyes open for the last update coming soon.

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