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Sunday, March 25, 2012

My New Addiction

Hockey Quizzes at Sporacle

I was searching for some info for a TTM for Pierre Larouche.  I knew he was the first player to have a 50 goal season for two different franchises, but how many others have there been?  After finding that little quiz, I realized there were plenty more to be done.  Some of what you'd expect, such as 500 goal scorers, 1000 Point Club,  or Stanley Cup Winners.  But then there are also some quizzes that require more obscure answers such as 20 goals + 200 PIM seasons,  top 300 players with most points in a season, or the top ten playoff scorers for each year in the 1980s.
Except, doing them is not enough, I've been making quizzes as well.  Of course, the more common themes have all been taken so I had to go a bit more obscure.  Here are a few I have made so far;
I know I'll be adding more.  All my quizzes will be listed here.  Play a few, rate and comment.  
Also, add me as a friend on Sporacle, my name is JGBlargh.  It'll be great to compare scores.

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