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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

TTM: Jonathon Cheechoo

Jonathan Cheechoo faded away as fast as he burst onto the scene.  Cheechoo led the league in goals in 2005-06, but within four seasons, was playing in the minors.  Cheechoo benefited greatly from the San Jose Sharks trading for Joe Thornton.  Before the trade Cheechoo had 7 goals and 15 pts in 24 games.  After the trade Cheechoo had 49 goals and 78 pts in 58 games.  Each season afterwards, Cheechoo's production dropped, until he was traded in 2009, to the Ottawa Senators, in a package deal for Dany Heatley.   In 2009-10, Cheechoo scored 5 goals in 66 games and had his contract bought out by the Senators at the end of the season.  Cheechoo has played in the AHL the past two season, trying to regain his scoring touch.  Cheechoo is from Moose Factory, a First Nation's community near Hudson Bay in Ontario.  Mr. Cheechoo signed four of four, c/o the Peoria Rivermen.  
  If you haven't seen the Cheechoo song videos, then you really need to.


  1. I met him back in the mid 90's when he was playing for the Kap Flyers AAA team in Northern Ontario. He was a really nice guy and was good friends with my buddy who was their goalie.

    We said back then he was going to be something special, it was a shame his NHL career didn't last as long as it could.

    I need to write him myself I think!

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