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Thursday, October 4, 2012

80s OPC Customs

  I haven't had access to my computer for a bit.  A little while back I got in the mood to make a few more 1980s OPC tribute cards.  I did a Martin Brodeur for Dave H and I ended up doing two Patrick Roy cards for ShanMF.  While I now have a template for these cards, I realized that the border on the 1981-82 OPC wraps around the logo.  I had originally thought it was a just a nice easy circle on every card to plug the logo into, like the 82-83 or 83-84 design.  Also, if anyone can point me in the direction of a decent quality Paul Coffey in a bright yellow Penguins jersey, I'd be very happy. 
  *Update*  I added "Blargh" on each card after I discovered someone was using my templates, cutting out the picture, putting a new one in and then selling them on eBay*


  1. Love the 81-82 set and love the Brodeur! Well Done!!

    You did an amazing job with the Devils stamp especially since they were the Rockies during that set and you couldn't take any short cuts with it!

  2. Great work and sweet designs, Is there any way I could get a deal in with those last 2 Roy cards? Like priting and making 2 extra. I could make a trade of a cash deal if you want. I just recently made a few Roy customs that I will post on my blog later.