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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Anniversary Contest Update

  The entry period for the contest is over.  Thanks to everyone who entered and for the comments.  I tallied up the entries and entered then into random.org.  As a reminder, you got one entry for posting on the contest post and on another customs or ttm post; one entry for being a follower; and one entry if you owned a blog and had a link to mine on it. I randomed the list 5 times.  Top 5 individuals will be in the prize draft.

    So the prize draft order is as follows;
          1 - BTHCCGeno71
          2 - Skroeker
          3 - anthonys22
          4 - Sal
          5 - Dave H

  So I need each of the members above to e-mail me their picks and mailing address.  Send me enough picks to cover your draft position.   I.E. if you are 3rd pick, send me a list of 3 picks in order of preference, when your pick comes I will send you the highest on your list that is still available.  The deadline for getting your picks in, is 11:59pm, October 9th.  If I do not have your picks by then, your pick will be forfeited.  In true TTM fashion, prizes will be sent out in PWE.  The list of prizes is below.

Stephane Richer Dale Hunter
David Aesbicher - 88-89 OPC       David Aesbischer - Horizontal
Craig Janney Pekka Rinne
Derek Dorsett Scott Hartnell "Suck it Phaneuf"
Anders Lindback Dale Weise - Horizontal
Pete Peeters Dale Weise - Vertical
Martin Biron Tim Jackman - 84-85 OPC
Jonathan Huberdeau - Florida Craig Anderson
Sergei Gonchar Curtis Sanford
Scott Clemmensen Al Secord - 79-80 card 

 Only the custom is available, not the cards.  Only the Al Secord 79-80 is regular card size.  All the others range from 3.5x5 to 4x6.


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  2. Thanks a million for the contest, I sent my email and I am pretty excited to have been lucky enough to land a spot!