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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

TTM Success: Dan Daoust

 Dan Daoust had a hot start to his NHL career in 1982-83, collecting 52 points in 52 games as a rookie.  He followed that up with 74 points in 78 games, then he started to change.  In his third season, he dropped to 54 points in 79 games.  Over his last five seasons, Daoust scored matched his point total from his sophomore year, although it took 313 games to do so.  Daoust had turned into a second line scorer into a third line checker and penalty-kill specialist.  He left the NHL in 1990 but went on to play several more seasons in Europe.   I vaguely remember watching Daoust while I was a child, but I do remember the name.  It's just a fun name to say.  Da-ohhh!

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