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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Lost Rookies: 1977-78 OPC Gordie Laxton

  Good lord, look at that hairGordie Laxton played parts of 4 NHL seasons, all with the Penguins.  Drafted 13th overall in the 1975 Amateur draft, Laxton began the 1975-76 season with the team and started between the pipes on opening night.  After notching a 4-2 win over the Washington Capitals, Laxton didn't see NHL action again for almost a month.   After starter Michel Plasse went down with an injury, Laxton would win his next two starts before playing himself to the bench, and eventually the minors.
  The Penguins made wholesale changes in net for the 1976-77 season.  Plasse and Gary Inness were out, while Dennis Herron returned to the Penguins.  Laxton again made the team out of camp and again secured a victory in the season opener, in relief Herron, who had his arm broken in the first period.  Laxton facilitated a trade with the New York Rangers to bring in Dunc Wilson, by allowing 17 goals in his first two starts of 1976.  Injuries would help Laxton secure a few more starts over the next few seasons.  His last start, a 8-3 loss to the Detroit Red Wings in 1979 would be the last time he played in the NHL.  Laxton would toil in the minors until he retired in 1983.
  Laxton finished his career with 17gp, 4-9-1, and a 5.56 GAA.  Hardly the type of number that would earn you a NHL card.  That hair though!  I couldn't resist.  I did the front of the design after doing the two other goalies from the Penguins for that season.  I am finding the fonts of the 70s to be harder than the fonts of the 80s cards.  Mostly due to the excess use of italics or bending the text.  In this design I didn't use text but the line tool, pencil and fill to do the team name.  If I can find an easier way to do the fonts, I will do more of this set.

1977-78 OPC #397 Gordie Laxton (RC)

1977-78 OPC #397 Gordie Laxton (RC)

  Bonus cards
1977-78 OPC Denis Herron and Dunc Wilson

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