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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Lost Rookies: 1980-81 Goran Hogosta

  Goran Hogosta made a name for himself at the 1977 World Hockey Championships.  Although Sweden had to settle for a Silver Medal, Hogosta backstopped his team to two victories against the powerhouse USSR squad, winning 5-1, and 3-1.  This drew the attention of the New York Islanders and they signed Hogosta to a 2 year deal worth $170k.
  Expectations were high.  There was talk of the Islanders dealing Billy Smith or Glenn Resch.  Hogosta never did live upto those expectations.  He played a total of 9 minutes with the Islanders, sharing a shutout with Billy Smith.  Those 9 minutes made Hogosta the first European born, and trained, goalie to play in the NHL.  It was Hogosta's only playing time with the Islanders, facilitated by Billy Smith's generosity.  Hogosta would be sent to the minors to get some playing time on Nov 17th and would remain there until the WHA-NHL merger.
  With the merger of the WHA, there was a bunch of wheeling and dealing as the ex-WHA teams tried to keep its stars and NHL teams tried to exercise their rights.  The Islanders attempted to reclaim Richard Brodeur from the Quebec Nordiques.  The Nordiques thwarted the attempted by making Brodeur a Priority Selection.  The Islanders, not to be denied, made a trade for Brodeur, by sending Hogosta to Quebec and leaving Gerry Hart unprotected in the 1979 expansion draft.
  Hogosta began the season with the Nordiques and started in their NHL franchise opener.  He recorded the franchises first NHL win, and first NHL shutout.  Hogosta had a mid-season trip to the minors, but returned after the Nordiques traded Ron Low.  In his final game, he allowed 9 goals to the Hartford Whalers, including 7 in the second period.  It was his last season in the NHL, as Goran moved back to Sweden and played professionally until 1984.
  I got inspired to make a Goran Hogosta card while making a Lost Card for Richard Brodeur.  I went with the 1980-81 OPC since I was drawn to this picture of him as a Nordique.

1980-81 OPC #399 Goran Hogosta (RC)

1980-81 OPC #399 Goran Hogosta

  But alas, I am an Islanders fan so I decided to take a crack at making a 1978-79 card.  Although I really like this set design, due to Mike Bossy, I found the warped text to be difficult to reproduce.  I might take another crack at this set design later.  I am please with the result but the team name needs work.

1978-79 OPC Goran Hogosta

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