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Saturday, July 11, 2020

The Lost Bossys: Baseball Edition Pt 3

  So awhile back I started doing the Topps/OPC baseball designs and I figure what better way to motivate myself than to feature Mike Bossy.  If you missed it, Part One is here, and Part Two is there.  Part Three took me a little longer due to two factors, one was moving, and the other was that I felt the 1987 Topps/OPC is a sacred design, reserved only for baseball.  1987 was the first baseball pack I ever opened.  So it felt weird putting a hockey player in the frame, but I did it.  And you know what, it works.  You could say the wood panelling represents the hockey stick.
  So the digital cardboard baseballification of Mike Bossy is complete.  I flipped flopped between OPC and Topps.  Some cards just look better as Topps due to the frame design, otherwise I went with OPC, or neither.  If I had to pick a favourite, I would go with either the 1983 or 1985.   Which design do you think goes best for hockey?

1985 OPC Baseball Mike Bossy

1986 OPC Baseball Mike Bossy

1987 OPC Baseball Mike Bossy


  1. These look great, I like the 1987 baseball design for a hockey card. 1985 is nice, too. I never liked 1986 Topps - even though it was the first baseball set I ever collected. It's a minor miracle I stuck with the hobby after that lol.

    1. The 1986 was just before my time, but I like the design. I actually made a up a few more Islanders in that design which I eventually get around to posting.

  2. The 1987 is great...Jofa bucket and all! I like the 85 and 84 as well..always thought the '85 design would make for a nice sticker set as well. The subject for these cards is pretty notch as well!

  3. ...and as always thank you for finding the time despite all that is transpiring in the World today to create more Bossy's Baseball style!

  4. Going with the 1985 version. However, the 1986 version is a close second. I like how it works for hockey.