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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

TTM Success: Johnny Bower

  I sent 2 copies  each of 2 customs to Johnny Bower and suggested that he kept the extras.  He signed all 4 and returned them.  I am slightly bummed that he didn't keep the extra but I guess he gets so much mail that he would have a houseful of cards, pictures and customs of himself if he kept every extra offered.
  One of the customs was the card I included in the OPC Tribute set.  I added a faded white area for the auto.  Mr. Bower signed beneath the area for the auto. When I look at it, I can tell he was more concerned with not covering the action with his auto.  So his heart was in the right place.  I am just really happy to get a return.  Living this far north, the mail takes a bit longer to get where it is going.

A very nice return from a HHOF.  

Thank you Mr. Bower                

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