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Sunday, November 27, 2011

TTM: Eric Nesterenko

  In 1956, Eric Nesterenko attended classes at the University of Toronto during the week, then on the weekend, he played for the Chicago Black Hawks.  Could you imagine that ever happening in today's NHL?  I sent him a parkhurst card and a 4x6.  I also sent an extra copy of the4x6 for him to keep.  Mr. Nesterenko returned the card and both 4x6s signed.  Thank you Mr. Nesterenko.


  1. Awesome success; what a nice signature Nesterenko has!

    I love hearing stories about old athletes who would do stuff like go to school during the week, play during the weekend, or work at random job X while also playing professional sports. You just don't see that anymore, but why would you when pro athletes make millions of dollars. I'm sure that when Nesterenko was playing, getting his education was more a necessity than it is today.

  2. Nesterenko originally turned down a scholarship to the University of Michigan to play for the Maple Leafs. After getting traded to Chicago, and frustrated with his first few years in the NHL, he didn't want to pass up another chance to get his education. He didn't think he would stick as a NHL player either.