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Friday, November 4, 2011

TTM Success: Dean Sylvester

  Great return from Dean Sylvester.  I was organizing some of my cards when I came across the Victory card on the end.  I remember having him on a fantasy hockey team and I wondered what ever happened to him.  So I figured I should see if I can get the card signed.  After going through a few pages of google search results I found what appeared to be a good address.  I wrote a letter and I got the cards in the mail today.  This is my best return so far and what makes it the best is that he added two cards and he also responded to my letter with one of his own.  He answered a question I had, (a back injury forced his early retirement), and commented on some of what I wrote.  
  I am far more excited about this return than any of the others I have gotten back so far.  So excited I am going to try to get his SPA rookie.
  Did you know Dean Sylvester scored the 1st ever hat trick in Atlanta Thrasher history?  

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