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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

TTM Sucess: Dickie Moore

  I received two returns from Montreal Canadiens HHOFers on November 15th.  The second being Dickie Moore.  Dickie Moore won back-to-back Art Ross Trophies in 1958 and 1959.  In 1959 he set a record with 96 points in a season, which stood for seven seasons.  The Hockey News ranked Dickie Moore as the 4th best Left Winger of all-time.
  This was a quick return as I sent it out October 27th and received it on November 15th,  Thank you Mr. Moore.
  There are a couple of noteworthy items regarding this TTM.  It's the first look at the Dickie Moore 88-89 OPC Tribute card and it's my first return of a 2006-07 Parkhurst card.  I have about a dozen of those cards out in the mail now and will continue to peck away at the set.  The most exciting part of this return was that Dickie Moore kept the extra copy of the 88-89 OPC Tribute picture.  I double checked the envelope a few times to make sure it wasn't stuck in there.  This is the first time anyone took up my offer of keeping a copy of the picture.  The thought that he tossed the extra in garbage along with the LOR has crossed my mind but screw off Mr Pessimism.  There is a 88-89 OPC Tribute card on Mr. Moore's fridge at this very moment. I can see it now.  Sweet!


  1. I'm just curious, what sort of paper stock do you print your cards out on? Do you trim them down?

  2. Paper from the dollar store. I live in the Arctic so my options are limited. I bought several packs of 4x6 paper from the dollar store on my last holidays. It's 230g/m2 and 20 per pack. I'm going down south this weekend so I might look at upgrading my paper. I don't trim the photos, although I sometimes crop them when I upload them.