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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

TTM Success: Guy Lafleur

88-89 OPC Tribute #103 - Guy Lafleur
  Received a nice return from HHOF legend Guy Lafleur.  We sent 3 pictures, plus an extra of each for him to keep if he wished.  He didn't wish it, so he signed all of them and returned them.  So we got 2 copies of each picture.  I say we since my girlfriend picked out Guy Lafleur for the TTM.
  She got his autograph back in 2006 (I think) at the Toronto Sportscard Expo.  She then gave that auto to her dad.  Since she wanted an autograph for herself, the third picture we sent to Mr. Lafleur was that of her and Guy together at the show.  Guy inscribed "Amities" on the picture above his name. For the one of the customs, he didn't sign in the box in one picture, but the auto in blue looks sharp against the red jersey.
  The pictures were sent out on September 26th and received November 15th.  Thank you Mr. Lafleur.

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